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Rebreather for sale – used

by Erik Dasque

No, I am not selling my rEvo rebreather, I am very happy with it.

But if you’re looking for a used rebreather, RebreatherWorld is the place to go. It’s a very tight community where you’re unlikely to get scammed. There you’ll find AP Diving Inspiration and Evolution rebreathers for sale as well as ISC Megalodon Rebreathers, Dive Rite O2ptima rebreathers, Kiss rebreathers, Juergensen HammerHead rebreathers, Delta-P Sentinel and CCRB Ouroboros as well as old navy rebreathers such as the Mark 15, Mark 15.5 and Mark 16 rebreathers.

More importantly you’ll find expertise and a community which members will go the extra mile to help, offer advice.

Moreover members of RBW will alert you of ebay rebreather scams which are not uncommon. Also, if you’re looking for a rebreather, make sure you ask for advice here or on RBW; it’s a big purchase. Understand the pros and cons of each rebreather, make sure you buy a complete, factory overhauled, safe system and get proper training from a reputable instructor.

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