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frenchguy during the Bahamas Nekton Diver 2008 Rebreather bonanza

Erik is funny looking and smells. He grew up in the West Virginia of France, where it’s still legal to marry your cousin. He is currently dabbling on electronics so that he can control his TV from the toilet. Erik makes feeble attemps at keeping a personal blog . He went through the classic PADI path but never completed his DiveMaster. He quickly switched to rebreather diving (Erik dives a Dive Rite Optima rebreather), only diving doubles to get his Advanced Nitrox certification. Erik enjoys reef diving the most (Maldives !) but likes wrecks and green water diving fine too. Erik is the VP of Engineering for a local Boston startup, a bike ride away from his home.


Sam has been an avid but weekend-only diver for almost twenty years. He still gets a thrill at the first sight of a wreck coalescing out of the gloom on a descent down the line. He also loves the intellectual chewiness of tinkering and obsessing about how to improve his technique and setup, to the point where most of his instructors and fellow divers believe (correctly!) that he is just over-thinking it. He started as PADI recreational, swapped to DIR when he started cold-water northeast diving, then swapped again to the dark side and now dives a Megalodon MCCR rebreather. Sam’s professional background is in software product management and entrepreneurial ventures; he has a B.S. in Applied Math and picked up an MBA for good measure. He lives in Boston with his wife Ann, also an avid diver.

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